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The ACT TO EARN concept is an opportunity to earn $HEG tokens by performing simple actions.

At a certain time during the day the game application notifies the user with push-notifications about the actions that needs to be performed. The push-notifications frequency depends on several factors and the exact time of the game request is unknown. The task completion is rewarded and the value of the reward directly depends on the user's luck and his chicken's performance attributes.

The activity and attentiveness along with the user game level play a major role in earning tokens: the more active the user, the more tokens he is able to earn.


Everyone is now able to earn $HEG tokens by having his own NFT animal - NFT egg-laying hen. All you have to do is to perform simple actions by interacting with the mobile app installed on your smartphone. Your mobile device will inform you about the necessary actions that you need to complete in order to receive a reward. It is also required to monitor the parameters of your NFTs and update them from time to time in order to achieve the highest profit possible.

All Rich Hens assets in the application belong to the users. Our team only takes a small commission during the sale of NFTs or eggs, and for NFT-minting. Tokenomics is designed the way that the main income is received by Rich Hens users and only a small part by our team.

  1. The Rich Hens project has two tokens in Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20) $HEN and $HEG. $HEN is a governance token with total supply 3,000,000,000. $HEG is a utility token for in-game activities with total supply 1,000,000,000.
  2. $HEN is used for project management, as well as marketing, development, trading, stacking and ecosystem support. Token emission according to the minting schedule. Full supply in June 2027.
  3. $HEG token is required in the Rich Hens game for: feeding chickens, attribute upgrade, hen-minting, daily health maintaining, trading eggs on the marketplace and and other in-game activity.
  4. 50% of $HEG spent by users on feeding chickens, upgrading attributes and NFT-minting are burning thus creating deflation of the token and reducing the market supply.
  5. $HEG Staking is required to perform NFT-minting. 7 days of staking of $HEG tokens are required for a minting completion. Premature leaving the staking entails a penalty of 10% of the stake.
1% - 30 000 000
Advisors, Partners
3% - 90 000 000
Community Treasury
5% - 150 000 000
Marketing, Airdrop
6% - 180 000 000
Private Sale
8% - 240 000 000
Team Core
10% - 300 000 000
10% - 300 000 000
10% - 300 000 000
Public Sale
12% - 360 000 000
15% - 450 000 000
Eco System
20% - 600 000 000